Taking Underwater Pictures

Taking underwater pictures is an art form all its own, but the results can be truly amazing if the conditions are right and you follow a few tips. For the purposes below, we are really limiting our tips to the utilization of one of the Aquapac camera cases we offer here at The Waterproof Store:

1)Keep the case and lens clean. This means not only keeping the dust away, but treat the front of the case itself, as if it was the actual lens, and try not to inflict any scratches on the outer surface of the Aquapac case.

2) Hold the case front as close to the camera lens as possible. This helps to minimize visibility of any case surface scratches, as well as minimize any reflections from the case lens surface back to the camera lens -- especially important if you are trying to use a flash.

3) Minimize use of your flash. There are a lot of micro organisms and microscopic debris floating in the water, that you do not normally recognize. And a flash will reflect off the many particles in the water and hinder the view of the object you are actually trying to capture in your shot. Consequently, the best underwater photography conditions are in shallow water under bright mid-day sun, so your flash is not needed.

4) Get as close as possible to your subject. Even in clear water, both the amount of available light and the level of visibility are less than above the surface. As a result, distant objects will quickly lose clarity in your pictures.

Here is our section of the website deticated to underwater photography: WATERPROOF CAMERA AND VIDEO CASES
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