Full Waterproof Bible (NIV) Pink

Full Waterproof Bible (NIV) Pink

Full Waterproof Bible (NIV) Pink
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Featuring the NIV version of the full Bible in a submersible, durable, and waterproof format. A class 5, by our standards.

THE OUTDOOR BIBLE® is printed on 100% plastic material, which makes it a fully waterproof & weatherproof Bible. It can be rained on, snowed on, or fully submerged in a body of water – with no damage! Now you can take your bible with you anywhere – on a backcountry trail, on a fishing trip, in a deer stand, to the beach, cross country skiing, kayaking, or just on your back porch. THE OUTDOOR BIBLE® is the Bible you never have to leave behind.

Printed with today's most read and trusted translation, the NIV Bible offers unsurpassed versatility and confidence to go anywhere.

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New AND Old Testament (NIV)
SKU: 9780979239472
Size: 5-7/8in x 8-3/4in
Pages: 704
Font size: 8 pt
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