Comparing Waterproof
Soft Cases vs. Hard Cases

For many products you will find that you have the option of storing your gear in a flexible soft case or a hard case. While there are exceptions to every rule, here are the typical pros and cons for both soft cases and hard cases. Please understand these advantages and disadvantages do not apply to every case in the aforementioned categories.


  • Take up less space
  • Lighter to carry
  • Can often use your gear, while it is still in the case

  • Do not offer shock resistance or crush protection.


  • Offer crush protection and often shock resistant protection

  • More bulky in size
  • Weigh more to carry
  • Can not usually use the gear while in the case

    Because of the unique differences between hard and soft cases, it is not uncommon to maintain both solutions for the same gear item. The hard case can provide security for durable storage and transit, while the soft flexible case can be used for in-use waterproof applications.

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