Waterproof Fly Fishing Kit

Waterproof Fly Fishing Kit

Waterproof Fly Fishing Kit
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The perfect fly fishing package from Mad Water features the Waterproof Waist Pack, Anglers Chest Pack, and the Shoulder Harness.

The Waist Pack features a fully waterproof main compartment to keep that PB&J dry when you slip on that moss patch and plop into the trout house(you know you've done it). And the Angler's Chest Pack (not waterproof - on purpose) is the perfect place to keep all your flys, lures, line, reel, and other accessories.

The removable fly trey inside the chest pack is perfectly accessible as it stays level when you unzip the pack. There are plenty of D-rings and accessory loops everywhere to attach just about any fishing accessory you can think of. And with this Fly Fishing Kit you can still use your own fly fishing vest, if you choose.

Each piece can also be sold separately (Total Value $117.00), but you can save by purchasing this kit altogether, ready to go on your next fly fishing trip.

Chest Pack Dimensions:11 Wide x 8 High x 3.5 Deep, Weight: 10 oz.
Waist Pack Dimensions:6 High x 25 Long x 5 Deep, Capacity: 275 Cubic Inches (4.5 Liters), Weight: 12.5 oz.
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