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Shoot pictures through the case of this new waterproof case from Dry Pak. This clear camera case offers a shaft where the lens of your compact zoom camera can protrude into. On the front of the lens shaft is a clear flexible polyurethane window that will allow you to take pictures in or out of the water. Each case is submersible to 30 feet below.

This case is designed for digital compact zoom lens cameras. It will accept cameras bodies with a maximum with of 4.5 inches and a maximum circumference of 6.5 inches (not including the protruding zoom lens). The lens shaft will allow lens extensions up to 1 inch.

Each case comes with an adjustable strap.

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Dry Pak Zoom Lens Camera Case DPC-400Normally: $16.95SALE: $11.95

Desiccant 5-PackDesiccant 5-PackThe air-tight seal of a waterproof case will trap the air's natural humidity inside the case. This can cause the creation of condensation droplets inside the case. It is highly recommended that a dehumidifying agent, such as these desiccant packets, be used when any electronic items are kept inside the waterproof and air-tight case.

Desiccant is a high-absorption dehumidifying agent. Made with natural ingredients, each packet is environment-friendly, as they are re-usable and completely degradable. They can be dried with a quick trip through the micro-wave, and re-used multiple times.

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Desiccant 5-Pack AQUA-905Normally: $5.95SALE: $4.25
Floating Wrist StrapFloating Wrist StrapThis super buoyant floating wrist strap is perfect for the waterproof case holding your phone or camera. If you have a light phone or camera, and trap enough air in the case, your waterproof case will probably float. But it is often easier to use your electronics while in the case if you have first expelled all the excess air out of the case. Adding this floating wrist strap to your case will increase the buoyancy, and keep your electronics floating safely at the surface of the water. The bright yellow color will make your gear easy to find floating in the lake or down the river. Each floating wrist strap features an adjustable slide to keep the strap snug on your wrist. And the quick-release on the case loop makes set-up and removal of your phone or camera a breeze. Note: we do recommend test floating your gear in shallow water before using your floating wrist strap over open waters.

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

Floating Wrist Strap F32YNormally: $12.50SALE: $6.90

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